Freelance presenter required.

I am always interested in talking to experienced presenters (email with a show reel link please) but I have a specific requirement fairly quickly.

I need a male, 25-50, presenting as educated British working class (Barry from Cillit Bang but toned down a little) for a technical / automotive engineering B2B corporate video.  Regional or national (Welsh / Scottish / Irish / English) accent is fine. 

Initially there will be a one-day partially scripted shoot in the English Home Counties towards the end of January, precise date to be confirmed.   Access to the script may be only a few days beforehand but the total length of the video will be in the region of 2-3 minutes, including interviews and some unscripted work.

There will be contact with the Director prior to the shoot liaising over the script, delivery, logistics and other issues.  

You need to be able to do a walk-and-talk, pieces to camera, and heavily directed interviews all in an engineering workplace environment.  You will be working with a small crew (probably two cameras).

You will be paid a one-off negotiable day fee covering all future releases.  Timing will probably be arrival at around 9.30am, departure before 5pm, but in the event of unexpected delays we’re there until the job’s done.

The video will play to a limited audience of garage owners / workshop managers on YouTube, the web, social media and in other situations.

Clothing may be provided (branded overalls) but you are asked to attend in smart casual and camera-ready.  There may be some Personal Protective Equipment provided (eg gloves and safety shoes, perhaps). The shoot will be in a genuine vehicle workshop but won’t be hazardous.

Some still shots may be taken for the client company’s marketing programme and that will be covered by your fee.

This is not a job for beginners.  

If it goes well there is a possibility of future work for the same client.

If you’re interested please email me ( with a link to show reels.