Designing and developing new websites

If you haven’t got a great website really working for you … you aren’t doing digital marketing! Like corporate video, if you’re going to invest in a website it should work very hard, on multiple levels!

  • Modern 'responsive' sites designed for desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Https certified security. 
  • Domain linked email accounts (john.smith@ info@ sales@ etc).
  • Easy to edit and update.
  • Full analytics (easy access to web stats to see who visited, what they looked at, who referred them etc).
  • Linked to your social media accounts.
  • Blogs can be included within the site.
  • Regularly crawled for updates by Google & other search engines.
  • Hosts photo, audio and video content (can link to your YouTube / Vimeo A/c).
  • Optimised Google My Business listing (linked to Google search engine & Google maps).
  • Website content (words, graphics, photography, video, blogs & newsletters etc).